A Wave of Color!

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This client contacted us about a custom ring.  She loves the ocean and wanted a water type theme.  After designing a few concepts, we finally nailed one solid piece.  Check out the fabulous colors of all the side stones!  Enjoy your custom piece!!!!

Redefined Heirloom

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This client came in and wanted to use an heirloom diamond.  She had also  wanted to add an alexandrite because that was the first type of ring that her mother gave her.  The client had looked at many jewelry stores and just could not find anything original.   She definitely came to the right place.  We came up with a beautiful design to compliment her gorgeous center stone.  We set the alexandrites on each side for just enough play of stone color.  We also added high karat yellow gold filigree accents.  Look at what a difference the top quality hand engraving makes on the ring compared to the high polish computer model.  ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Antique with a modern flare

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This client came in and wanted to do something different from the norm.  We sat down and designed a beautiful mounting for her heirloom diamond. We then took GREY DIAMONDS down the shank of all the rings.  Turned out amazing and adds a nice touch of old school with modern flare.  ENJOY!!

A Heart of Gold

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This client came in and wanted to reuse her center diamond.  We sat down and figured out what type of style she was looking for.  Hearts.  Well, we took that to the next level.  Enjoy this sparkly heart of GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feeling GREEN

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This client cam in with a smaller ring but loved her center stone.  She cam to the right place.  We re-polished her stone, and rebuilt a completely new ring.  A diamond halo and princess cut diamonds down the shank.  EXTRA POP!!!! ENJOY!!!!


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This clients LOVES Tanzanite!  We found her a beautiful new deep color for her wedding ring and rebuilt the ring with larger diamonds.  ENJOY!!!!

A Perfect Match

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This client came in with her wedding ring that we made for her.  She wanted to get the matching wedding band also.  We designed her new band and also added a row of diamonds to it for a little extra sparkle.  ENJOY!     

Something different

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This client came in and loved our etched silver.  So we decided to make his wedding band with the same ideas.  We took white gold for the base ring and fused the silver outer ring to it and cut in some custom grooves.  BINGO! LOOKS AMAZING!

New Beginnings!

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This client came in and wanted to spruce up her engagement ring.  We took a custom platinum and diamond mounting and added her pear shaped diamond to it.  It looks fabulous!  ENJOY!


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This client came in and wanted to do something special with her son’s  gold star.  We did not want to take any space up of the pin itself, but wanted to preserve it and keep it safe.  We added a wreath to it and also a nice size diamond for a finishing touch.  I hope you enjoy your beautiful new piece!