2013 Ventura County International Pageants

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Bryana Inouye- Miss Teen Ventura County International 2013 and Tiffany Allen- Miss Ventura County International 2013

Presenting their necklaces

14KT white gold and diamond pendants

Tonight was the 2013 Ventura County International Pageants.  For the past 7 years we have been the official jewelers of the Crowning Glory Productions program.  We presented the newly designed Signature Pendants to Bryana-Miss Teen Ventura County International and Tiffany-Miss Ventura County International immediately after their crowning.

We are involved with this pageant because it is a charity based program, with 40% of each contestant’s scored being based on their ability to convey their thoughts and charitable contributions through interview.  Our very own, Hilary Gushwa, is involved in this same program at the International level as Miss Pacific Coast International.

Congratulations to Crowning Glory Productions for a phenomenal pageant.  We have two wonderful women to represent our county at the Miss and Teen California International Pageants!

Valentine’s Giveaway Winner

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Congratulations to our lucky Valentine’s Giveaway Winner, Shirley L.!

She is now the proud owner of these stunning 14KT white gold and approx. .29cttw diamond Floating Heart Earrings.  Hope you enjoy!
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Brianna’s TV Set

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Brianna did a fantastic job on this tv set.  The entire piece was made by hand, no piece was bought and used as you see it—including what looks like wood grain on the top of the tv!  Her attention to detail really shows through in this piece, right down to the perfect sized color-LED changing light inside to give the tv set a subtle glow.

Congrats on another beautiful piece of art Brianna!  We are proud of you!

Diamond Seahorse Winner!

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Congratulations to Janet, who won our Thanksgiving Giveaway!  She is the proud new owner of a 14KT white gold with .50cttw diamond Seahorse Necklace.

This could have been you!!  If you haven’t signed up as a VIP, hurry and register now  so you’re eligible for our next Giveaway!!

DEMA Tradeshow!

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Ron and Christl are having a fantastic time in Florida…slaving away at the DEMA tradeshow!  This is their 17th appearance at the annual tradeshow, showcasing our stunning Nautical Collection.

Here are couple quick pics with their 1st customer of the week, as well as our traveling display cases!!!  We are styling now!

California International Pageants

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This past weekend we attended the 2012 California International Pageants, and presented the “Signature Pendant” to the Miss and Teen California International winners.  Congratulations to all of the contestants for going after your dream, and representing your charities with such grace…it takes a lot of courage to get up onstage and be judged!  “Any dream is possible if you have the courage to pursue it.” ~Walt Disney.

For the past 5 years we have been the official jewelry sponsor for the California International Pageants.  This pageant organization provides the opportunity for women ages 13-56 to champion a charity that they feel connected to and if selected as Teen, Miss or Mrs. California International they will be a statewide spokesperson for their charity.

This is the state level competition that our very own Hilary Gushwa won in 2009, and competed at the Miss International pageant this past summer for (I’m sure you remember the photos?!)

Again, congratulations to Miss Teen California International 2012- Amanda and Miss California International 2012- Dedria!  For more information, please visit the pageant website:  www.californiaintl.com.

Photos Courtesy of Paula Preston, official photographer.  www.paulapreston.com

Pageant is over–back to work!

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First and foremost, I want to thank each and every one of our clients for you thoughts and well wishes!  The entire week that I was at the Miss International pageant, I felt loved, encouraged, and at peace. I know that your good vibes were flowing my way, and I truly believe that is why I felt so calm all week!

I am proud to say that I made the Top 10 at the Miss International 2011 pageant!!  This is truly an accomplishment that I couldn’t be more proud of.  Although I didn’t come home with the crown, I competed my hardest.

  I don’t have any professional photos yet, so here is a quick photo that Miss Pennsylvania snapped of me as I finished the evening gown competition on her cell phone….it’s my “Pageant is over and out of my hands” face!

THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!  Back at work, come see me!

Hilary during Day 6 of Pageant Week!

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The pageant starts tonight at 7:30pm Central/5:30pm Pacific!!

Hilary during Day 5 of Pageant Week!

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Hilary during Day 4 of Pageant Week!

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