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Handmade Matching Diamond Band

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Handmade Matching Diamond Band

Our client originally had one 5-stone band and a solitaire ring.  She recently celebrated 25 years of marriage, so she and her husband thought it would be wonderful to add another band!  Thanks to the craftsmanship of our master goldsmith, Adan, we were able to duplicate by hand a second, matching 5 stone band.  That means he shaped the band, pounded it by hand….Who does that?!?!  We do!!!

Additionally, we decided it was best to re-make the solitaire ring, with a sturdy platinum head, and match it to the bands perfectly.  Since we were starting from scratch, we were able to use the customer’s old ring so that no sentimental value was lost!

All in all, these bands turned out beautifully.  Congrats on 25 years of marriage, we hope that you love your new ring set!

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