Pageant is over–back to work!

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First and foremost, I want to thank each and every one of our clients for you thoughts and well wishes!  The entire week that I was at the Miss International pageant, I felt loved, encouraged, and at peace. I know that your good vibes were flowing my way, and I truly believe that is why I felt so calm all week!

I am proud to say that I made the Top 10 at the Miss International 2011 pageant!!  This is truly an accomplishment that I couldn’t be more proud of.  Although I didn’t come home with the crown, I competed my hardest.

  I don’t have any professional photos yet, so here is a quick photo that Miss Pennsylvania snapped of me as I finished the evening gown competition on her cell phone….it’s my “Pageant is over and out of my hands” face!

THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!  Back at work, come see me!

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