A dash of PINK!

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This client came in and wanted to do something special for his lady.  Her favorite color is pink.  What better way to express that than putting in some natural pink diamonds!!!  The color really adds a nice pop but not too edgy.  The ring is light and flows elegantly.  Congrats guys, ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!

More blinding than the SUN!!!

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This client came in and had one thing in mind, MAKE A SHOWSTOPPER!  We sat down several times finding the exact Fancy Yellow Diamond.  We surrounded the center stone and down the side of the ring with some beautiful colorless diamonds.  If you look at the center view, you can see the heart shaped diamonds as well.  This piece really stands out.  Enjoy!

No Horsing Around!

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This client came in and wanted to do something different than the norm.  SHe already had a few horse pendants, and wanted to step it up.  Well, she got it.  We took a picture of her horse, recreated it and micro-pave set white and chocolate diamonds in the exact pattern of her horse.  This piece really stands out and sparkles!  ENJOY!!!!!!

Forever Flowers

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This client came in and wanted to use some of some heirloom pieces of jewelry she acquired from her mother.  We decided it would be nice to make a piece that represented both her and her mother.  She knew her mother loved flowers and so did she.  BINGO!  We make a beautiful pendant with 2 white gold flowers with white and yellow diamonds! WOW, ENJOY!!!!!

Antique with a modern flare

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This client came in and wanted to do something different from the norm.  We sat down and designed a beautiful mounting for her heirloom diamond. We then took GREY DIAMONDS down the shank of all the rings.  Turned out amazing and adds a nice touch of old school with modern flare.  ENJOY!!


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This client came in and wanted to do something different that everyone else.  Well she came to the right place.  After some thorough searching and designing we came up with this wonderful mixed modernized design.  We took colorless diamonds, black diamonds, white gold and yellow gold.  We added a mixture of surfaces on the rings so it would be a nice offset.  ENJOY!

Black is not bland!

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This client wanted black diamonds.  We delivered, Large gorgeous black diamonds in a petite martini setting to show more stone.  We also topped them off with a light leverback with a small white diamond for contrast.  They look stunning!  Enjoy!!!!

Cars are not the only EXOTICS!

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For this custom ring we got deep in our gemological roots.  This client wanted to have some different colors and stones that were very different.  ACHIEVED!!!  From natural colored orange and purple sapphires,  colored diamonds, to paraiba tourmaline, this ring has some of the most exotic stones imaginable.  To top the ring off,  we put a color run together so that they would flow together.  Enjoy!

Something to HOOT about!

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This customer wanted to surprise his wife with a very custom piece.  He wanted to pull out something very different.  GOAL ACHIEVED!!!   There is so much detail in this piece from the depth and dimension, not to mention the different gold tones, different polishing styles, hand engraving, colorless and yellow diamonds!!!  We brought out the realism of the owl with the engraving in each feather and its Peridot eyes just POP!  Congrats on your new piece!

Treasures of the Past

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Check out these awesome shipwreck coins!  We surrounded them with a custom twisted gold wire.  For the finishing touch, we put black diamonds for the eyes of the skull!  This is the real deal!

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