Classic Color

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This client came in with a ring she loved.  Purchased it years back but it just was not enough for her.  We made a new band put some diamonds in it and made that blue sapphire POP!  Beautiful design that can go with just about anything.  ENJOY!!!!!!

A little BLING

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This client came to us and wanted to redo her wedding ring.  Goal achieved!  After a great deal of designing we got to work on building this diamond masterpiece.  Great design and it really sparkles!  ENJOY!!!!!


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This client came in and wanted to do something different that everyone else.  Well she came to the right place.  After some thorough searching and designing we came up with this wonderful mixed modernized design.  We took colorless diamonds, black diamonds, white gold and yellow gold.  We added a mixture of surfaces on the rings so it would be a nice offset.  ENJOY!

A secret connection!

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This client came in and wanted to make her ring wider.  After designing and discussing options and what would look best, we came up with a perfect solution.  We created a custom ring enhancer that her ring literally locks into.  The patters in the ring is so precise.  We went in and hand engraved both rings for a new, bold, and classy look.  Enjoy!

A perfect match

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This client came in with her engagement ring and wanted to have a matching band to add to it.  We took some pictures of the ring from all angles and went to work on the computer.  We came out with a perfect match to her ring and she was thrilled!  Enjoy your new ring!!!!!!

A surprise ring!

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This client came in with an old ring that his girlfriends ring.  Well, we went to work, created the ring on a larger scale, hand engraved it, put some beautiful diamonds in it and made his face light up.  Even better part is she said YES!  CONGRATS GUYS! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!


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These rings were designed to be simple and easy to wear.  They have just enough sparkle to wear with just about any outfit.  They come in the tri-gold series and are rounded, square eternity style bands.  Enjoy!!!!

Wedding band to fit!

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This client came in for a wedding band to match her engagement ring.  She got a lot more in return.  We designed a beautiful diamond wedding band to match and added hand engraving to both bands at the same time.  No she has a perfect matching set with a timeless look! Congrats and ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!


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This gents ring was came from a few ideas.  He just wanted 3 diamonds in a nice classy setting.  I started designing and gave him a few options.  We picked a design and gave him a few more options.  The ring turned out spectacular.  The different polishing and channeled princess cuts really stand out.  Enjoy!

An enhanced wedding band!

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This client had us design her wedding band around her original band.  We set up a beautiful barrel design for the wedding and matching anniversary band.   We made a custom bar system which allows the ring to “snap”  in and out of its mounting.  We topped the entire set off with hand engraving!  The rings turned out amazing!  Enjoy!!!