Something different

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This client came in and loved our etched silver.  So we decided to make his wedding band with the same ideas.  We took white gold for the base ring and fused the silver outer ring to it and cut in some custom grooves.  BINGO! LOOKS AMAZING!

Mokume for Him!

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This client came in and just wanted something different for a wedding band.  Well, Mokume is quite different!  Just look at the amazing art in the gold!  Enjoy your new piece!




This client came to us with a great idea.  As diving is a lifestyle for a lot of people why not have something to show it while you aren’t in the water.  We designed a really cool old school tank with hoses.  On the side of the ring it says their instructor and cert #, and their name is made into the bottom.  The design turned out wonderful.  Enjoy fellas!


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This gents ring was came from a few ideas.  He just wanted 3 diamonds in a nice classy setting.  I started designing and gave him a few options.  We picked a design and gave him a few more options.  The ring turned out spectacular.  The different polishing and channeled princess cuts really stand out.  Enjoy!

Hide and seek!

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This client wanted to have a part of his life with him at all times.  At the same time he wanted it to blend in with the ring.  Solution, have a great team of designers and let them do great work!  Naval aviator wings with wonderful hand engraving around the entire ring.  The center is yellow gold and the outer rails are white.  Hope you enjoy your new ring!!!

Gents can have some sparkle too!

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This client wanted to design a nice piece designed after a few things he liked and had wanted in a ring.  We sat down did some sketching and a cad model and…..Nailed it on the head! The ring is smaller in width, a few diamonds on both sides, and has some nice heavy duty black enameling in the channels of the ring.   The ring looks simple and sophisticated! Enjoy!!!!!!!!


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This clients wife came in and wanted to surprise him with a special pendant.  Diving is very important to him.  This coin is from the fleet of 1715.  Man did his face light up when he opened up the treasure! (no pun intended)  Hope you enjoy your piece of history!

Circled by SHARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This is the only place you want to have sharks circling you!  This customer loved our spinning shark bands.  We added a twist of different gold colors and made the couple a matching set!  Hope you have fun and enjoy these bands!!!!!!!!!!

Not your average Family Crest

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For this amazing job, we did something that we never have before.  This ring is actually an ash holder!  Under all of this beautiful custom work there is a glass plate to view the inside.  The crest has so much detail, the hand engraving, diamonds, gemstones, and soooo much more!  This ring really is a masterpiece.   Click on the pictures to see the fine details!  Hope that you enjoy!!!!!

College Class Ring

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Here is a custom college class ring we recently made.  Our clients family came in and wanted to do something special for him.  We took his 2 passions in life and made this custom ring speak all about him.  Look at the amazing detail of the microphone cage and  the guitar!!   Enjoy!