Heart of GOLD

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This client came in with a center diamond and wanted us to uild something for her.  After conversing of what type of shape or design she would be interested in, we came up with this amazing design.  Center diamond, surrounded with a diamond halo, surrounded by a heart shaped halo.  To top it off there are hearts cut out on the side as well!  Enjoy your new piece!


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This clients wife came in and wanted to surprise him with a special pendant.  Diving is very important to him.  This coin is from the fleet of 1715.  Man did his face light up when he opened up the treasure! (no pun intended)  Hope you enjoy your piece of history!

Opal, abalone, & diamond pendant

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Here is an original piece from a customers great idea!  We took Abalone shell, bolder opal, and diamonds and topped it off with some custom drawn art on the reverse side.  Notice the hand engraved details and the diamonds in the crest of the wave.  There are a lot of small details on this pendant, click on the pictures and have a look. Enjoy!

Ruby and Diamond Pendant

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This beautiful necklace is 14KT white and yellow gold.  Our client’s husband bought her the Ruby for a special occasion.  So, of course, we had to create the perfect pendant for it to adorn.  The white gold perfectly accentuates the white diamonds and hand engraving; while the yellow gold brings out the warmth of the Ruby.  Not only that, but using two different colors of gold allows that many more opportunities to mix and match clothing and jewelry!

This design really embodies what our client was asking for…and we hope that she loves it.

Pageant Pendants

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We have been the official jeweler of Crowning Glory Productions “Ventura County International Pageants” for six years.  This year, we decided to surprise the pageant director with a new pendant for her winners based off of Crowning Glory Productions logo.  Congratulations to Rachel and Allison, the first recipients of these new, signature pendants!

Rose Gold Set

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This is a stunning earring and pendant pearl set that we recently made.  To enhance the beauty of the pearls, we made both pieces in 14KT rose gold.  Accenting the center of each earring and the pendant is a small, round diamond.