Floating Stones!

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This client came in and wanted a pendant with something a bit different.  She wanted her stone to “float”.  After some good planning and design, we made it happen.   Take a look how this center stone is in thin air.  We put a small halo of diamonds to accent and make it pop.  The fleur de lis came out great!  Enjoy!!!

Sentiment with a new design!@

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This client came in looking to buy his wife something for her birthday.  He wanted to make it small enough to wear everyday and he wanted to make sure that their child was apart of it.  Turns out our brainstorming lead to having he and his child apart of it for her to have around her neck at all times.  The piece turned out simply amazing.  The design allows for movement of the pieces.  Their initials on either side of the custom pave heart which has both of their birthstones in it! awesome!!! Hope you enjoy!!!!!


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This clients wife came in and wanted to surprise him with a special pendant.  Diving is very important to him.  This coin is from the fleet of 1715.  Man did his face light up when he opened up the treasure! (no pun intended)  Hope you enjoy your piece of history!

Peace, Peace, PEACE!

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This client loved our custom selection.  She saw our peace sign pendant but wanted to make one of her own.  We took the peace sign, stacked 3 of them, tapered them from large to small, then made piece this in hard, shiny, 925 SILVER!  This pendant truly speaks her views.  Enjoy your new custom creation!

Something to HOOT about!

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This customer wanted to surprise his wife with a very custom piece.  He wanted to pull out something very different.  GOAL ACHIEVED!!!   There is so much detail in this piece from the depth and dimension, not to mention the different gold tones, different polishing styles, hand engraving, colorless and yellow diamonds!!!  We brought out the realism of the owl with the engraving in each feather and its Peridot eyes just POP!  Congrats on your new piece!

Treasures of the Past

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Check out these awesome shipwreck coins!  We surrounded them with a custom twisted gold wire.  For the finishing touch, we put black diamonds for the eyes of the skull!  This is the real deal!

Family Pendant

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This pendant is all about family!  We took meaningful diamonds and metal and created a new design that symbolizes her prized possessions, her husband, children, and her grandchildren.  This piece has movement and a great elegance!

Opal, abalone, & diamond pendant

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Here is an original piece from a customers great idea!  We took Abalone shell, bolder opal, and diamonds and topped it off with some custom drawn art on the reverse side.  Notice the hand engraved details and the diamonds in the crest of the wave.  There are a lot of small details on this pendant, click on the pictures and have a look. Enjoy!

Two-tone 14kt gold and diamond pendant

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Clients stone.  We built this 14kt white and yellow gold flowing pendant that is great for everyday wear.

Multi-Stone Cross Pendant

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Ready with a plethora of stone choices, our client asked us to somehow use them in a cross pattern to best highlight the stones and make a showpiece that she could be proud to wear!

Of course we couldn’t stop there; so Adan added the “Torgny” touch with the handmade scroll work detailing.

This is truly a one of a kind piece, that we know will be the talk of any party!