A dash of PINK!

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This client came in and wanted to do something special for his lady.  Her favorite color is pink.  What better way to express that than putting in some natural pink diamonds!!!  The color really adds a nice pop but not too edgy.  The ring is light and flows elegantly.  Congrats guys, ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!

More blinding than the SUN!!!

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This client came in and had one thing in mind, MAKE A SHOWSTOPPER!  We sat down several times finding the exact Fancy Yellow Diamond.  We surrounded the center stone and down the side of the ring with some beautiful colorless diamonds.  If you look at the center view, you can see the heart shaped diamonds as well.  This piece really stands out.  Enjoy!

A Big Colored Question!

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This client came in and wanted to surprise his girlfriend with the BIG question.  They had been in looking at a few things before and she had commented on how pretty a stone was.  After a week or so, he had come back in to look at the stone again and decided he was going with that stone.  We put it in a nice head and put a few diamonds just for a little bit of sparkle.  Turned out to like like a nice classic piece!  Enjoy!!!!

Room for 1 more?

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This client came in and wanted to reuse her original ring.  She wanted to add some extra pop but wanted to keep the center the same.  Well, we added a row of diamonds on each side and matched her center diamond with an additional one! This design is really eye catching.  Enjoy your new piece!!!

Just a little bit more

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This customer came in and wanted to update her wedding ring.  She loved the design but just wanted a little more out of it.  What better way than a mimicking row of diamonds on each side of it!! Enjoy your extra sparkle!!!

Nothing to feel Blue about

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This client came in with an idea to surprise the 3 ladies in his family.  His wife had always showed a great interest in blue chalcedony.  Well how about we add a little glitz to it too?!?!!  Enjoy your new rings ladies!

A Modern Engagement Ring

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This client came in and wanted to design a wedding ring for the future.  Little did she know her boyfriend and I were designing the piece the whole time.  A beautiful Morganite for the center stone and a nice petite design with diamonds surrounding the entire band.  Enjoy!!!!!!!!!

Modern Mother’s Rings

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These clients came and wanted to do something special for their children.  We took the birth dates and names and sunk them into the band.  We also took their birthstones and put alternating pattern with 5 stones on each.  Enjoy your beautiful new rings!!!!!!

A Wave of Color!

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This client contacted us about a custom ring.  She loves the ocean and wanted a water type theme.  After designing a few concepts, we finally nailed one solid piece.  Check out the fabulous colors of all the side stones!  Enjoy your custom piece!!!!

Redefined Heirloom

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This client came in and wanted to use an heirloom diamond.  She had also  wanted to add an alexandrite because that was the first type of ring that her mother gave her.  The client had looked at many jewelry stores and just could not find anything original.   She definitely came to the right place.  We came up with a beautiful design to compliment her gorgeous center stone.  We set the alexandrites on each side for just enough play of stone color.  We also added high karat yellow gold filigree accents.  Look at what a difference the top quality hand engraving makes on the ring compared to the high polish computer model.  ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!