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Vintage-Style Engagement Ring

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Vintage-Style Engagement Ring


This sparkler was a surprise engagement ring–in every aspect!  Our client came equipped with two photos of the type of style she liked, and knew that she loved vintage looking pieces.  We were off and running!  Based on the photos he brought in, and the vintage theme, we decided that the cushion cut diamond was the right direction to head in.  We then did a hybrid of the two ring samples he showed us, and created the beautiful ring above.  To further accentuate the vintage look, we did a millgrain edging and sent it to our hand engraver to give it that extra pop.

This top of the line engagement ring can’t be done justice by the photos…it was a dream to build!  Congratulations on your engagement- and thank you for allowing us to play a role in it!

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  1. Melissa B
    June 28th, 2012 at 11:56 PM

    This is my ring! Ron and my fiance did an amazing job, and what a surprise it was! I was blown away when he put it on my finger, and the fact that it was all custom designed with my favorite styles in mind, adds a unique characteristic to this ring that is unparallelled. I am absolutely a girl in love…oh with my fiance too 😉

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